I'm Brazilian, and as you can see I'm a Little Mons†er, 18

♡ A  P L A S T I C  T A N  N E V E R  F A D E S ♡

@mtv: Putting out this album is the most exciting moment of my life. Singing with a legend. All day, I dream and dream, I can’t believe this little Italian girl from New York made it. And all grown up.

@mtv: Just because I’m singing jazz doesn’t mean I’ve left my leather behind. It keeps it heavier. The weight of it, the pain, it makes me a better artist.

@mtv: Getting ready to leave for #artRaveHerning. It’s fun going in between Jazz and Pop everyday. I feel like I’m constantly rebelling against myself.

@mtv: Just me and all the girls! #CheekToCheek

@mtv: Celebrating our #CheekToCheek rave reviews, such a beautiful time. Crack the champagne and the caviar crown. Feel very humbled and proud, pure joy from the inside out.

@Cher: Nothing like BIG HAIR (Black of course) & FISHNETS… TWINGIRLS, DIFFERENT DECADES

@ladygaga: Every day I like to wake up + hear Ella’s voice. It used to make me sad bc I missed singing this way. Not anymore. 🎺🎶

@mtv: You mess with my Tony, you gotta answer to me. - @ladygaga

@gaga: Pointing at the vinyl player, cooing “Mommy turn that vinyl over!” Ella sings “I’ve Got a Crush on You” on the other side!
@gaga: Getting ready for another hard day of work. Off to #artRAVEHerning. Can’t wait to see my fans, and some monsters outside hotel in Amsterdam!
p.s Tara is OF COURSE still with me, she will be forever! She travels ahead to set-up glam at the arena for show make-up. I’m a lucky girl, have lots of angels taking care of me!

@gaga: Just getting ready for another JAZZY DAY! Good morning monsters! #HausWork

@ladygaga: Feel gratitude ev’ry moment of ev’ry day for the loyalty of my fans. Even as I journey into jazz.

@ladygaga: Off to the races!